Company Profile

The Enav8 Marketing group is an innovative marketing solutions driven company that provides a range of customized brand experiences from start to finish ensuring multiple touch points with end consumers.

Enav8 Marketing develops and provides customized client solutions in the form of field marketing, promotions and reward systems.

Structured into a trio of dedicated companies Enav8 Marketing ensures a full spectrum of solutions, services and incentives to all our clients.

With a combined experience of more than 30 years in the industry, we provide efficient and cost-effective services to all our clients with the objective of increasing service levels, brand awareness and affecting consumer behavior.

Business concept

Enav8 Marketing is a people driven marketing solutions company within the ICT and Consumer Electronics Sector. We provide a range of client-customized marketing solutions.

We enable our clients to execute their marketing strategy anywhere in South Africa.   


Enav8’s value commitments are